ARà DúO - Núria Andorrà
Nuria Andorrà, contemporary, percussion
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About This Project


ARà Duo features two of the most restless and versatile musicians on the Spanish contemporary music scene: Alessandra Rombolà and Núria Andorrà. Both classical trained musicians, both active as interpreters of contemporary music, both improvisers. The focus of the duo is music, whether it’s improvised, composed, with of without electronics and their approach is the same: committment to the musical material, interaction with composers and a strong personal discourse. The duo has a unique sound which recalls earth, wind, water… they create music with rough and delicate textures and they operate with an impressive dynamic control. Future collaborations will involve the Norwegian percussionist, improviser and composer Ingar Zach, the American flutist/composer Jane Rigler, the Mexican composer Ignacio Baca Lobera, the Italian composer Daniela Terranova and the Romanian composer Diana Rotaru. They will write specifically for the unique vocabulary of ARà and their virtuosic abilities, combining complex gesture, movement, voice, and electronics.