SOLA - Núria Andorrà
Nuria Andorrà, contemporary, percussion
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About This Project


Núria Andorrà presents her sound research process.

The artist presents her first work, Sola, is the result of a residence at Konvent.0 during which she focused on researching her own language by moving away from conventional methods of treating percussion instruments and finding her research coming together after discovering a macro sound universe.

So, this is her first solo performance where she divests herself of her academic traditions to get to virgin, untrodden territories.

Núria will be 37 years old on October 24th, and she is using this occasion as an opportunity to appear on stage alone for the first time, with no support from any other artists and score; to face the abyss of her own fears. It marks the beginning of a new stage to which she invites us to take place with an active listening, to interact with the music she creates in the present moment, and where the audience is present, powerful, vital and active – just like music in its essence.




VINS DE TRAMUNTANA from Jordi Plana Pey on Vimeo.